Plaid for Dad

There is something to be said about the special bond between father and child. At Mircom, we hope everyone shared a special Father’s Day with their dads, stepdads or granddads this past weekend. Mircom came together this past month to show Dads how much we care. Last Friday, June 17th, we participated in the nationwide Plaid for Dad event, supporting Fathers across the country in their battle against prostate cancer. Our employee participation across the entire company surpassed our expectations, and it was a fun day for everyone.

Plaid for Dad 2016

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Canada’s Plaid for Dad campaign has taken the fundraising of prostate cancer research to a whole new level. The event was founded by Rocco Rossi, whose passion for change inspired a strong sense of urgency in prostate cancer research. After realizing there was minimal research being conducted for the disease, Rossi made it his mission to support research into the cause, cure and prevention of the disease.

The Plaid for Dad campaign is fun way to help protect dads from prostate cancer. Workplaces all across Canada, including Mircom Group of Companies, came together on June 17th and wore plaid to work; whether it was a shirt, a tie, a scarf or even a suit – if it was plaid, it worked. We successfully surpassed our company goal of $1000.00 raised for the cause through a series of events and fundraising activities around the office that encouraged everyone to get involved.

Our "Donut Fridays" and "Candy Jar Guessing Game" were a huge hit. We sold 17 dozen donuts over 2 Fridays, with all the proceeds going towards our Plaid for Dad campaign. Our candy jar guessing game, which included buying ballots and guessing how many pieces of candy were in the jar, was also a huge success. Along with these fun events, we awarded Michael Cox, a Mircom employee, with a $20 Visa gift card for wearing the best plaid outfit!

We're thrilled with the commitment from our employees to help support dads across the country in their battle against prostate cancer. As a company, we’re proud to call ourselves a committed member of the Plaid for Dad team and we’re elated with the contribution that we could make for dads everywhere. Our office works as a team, and together we successfully helped all the dads and families who have been directly or indirectly affected by prostate cancer. We are beyond thrilled to say we made a difference.