The Innovation Agenda

In a world where technologies are rapidly evolving to keep up with the consumer demands and needs, innovation becomes an inevitable factor that contributes to a company’s success. Especially in the tech field, where competition and growth is at a constant incline, organizations must pioneer new ideas to earn and/or maintain a reputation.

The Innovation Agenda

Innovation can most simply be described as “a new method, idea, or device.” A much broader definition describes innovation as the implementation of better solutions that meet new, existing or unarticulated needs.

During the May 30th, 2016 House of Commons debates, Member of Parliament Francesco Sorbara, who oversees the riding of Vaughan, raised the importance of Government investment into Canadian innovation. This new innovation investment plan is being referred to as ‘The Innovation Agenda.’ Canada is home to hundreds of unique organizations that stimulate the National and Global economies, and The Mircom Group of Companies is one of them.

Mircom is up against international giants such as Honeywell, Tyco and Johnson Controls. Because of this, innovation is vital, and it is at the forefront of all our initiatives. As a Canadian-owned and managed company, Mircom prides itself on having the entire production process under one roof, from R&D to Marketing to Shipping. This is a major differentiator from many international corporations, whose production departments may be on opposite ends of the world.

Mircom has the homegrown, mom-and-pop shop feel while simultaneously upholding a global reputation for quality and professionalism. Our blue collar and white collar employees work together as a team in the same building, and our executive team members know our production floor team on a first-name basis. For many companies, this has become a rarity that can only be seen in old movies and television shows that reminisce on the golden days before businesses began outsourcing jobs to opposite corners of the world.

The Canadian government has defined a vision for the 2016 budget. As MP Sorbara defines it, it is “…to build Canada as a centre of global innovation, renowned for its technology, creative and entrepreneurial citizens, and globally competitive companies offering high-quality products and services.” This remark aptly describes the foundation upon which Canadian organization are built. According to Statistics Canada, in 2005, 41 per cent of employed Canadians worked for businesses with fewer than 20 employees. This incredible number alone is an indicator of the talent and drive Canadians possess.

Although it’s been quite some time since Mircom employed fewer than 20 employees, our growth as a business stems from that same mentality: we’re entrepreneurs through to the core, and we have a hunger for success. Mircom fully supports organizations and individuals that promote creativity and innovation, and it is important for the Canadian government to support this as well. By investing in the innovation agenda, we are providing budding businesses with the opportunity to grow and become world leaders in their field.

Investing in Canadian innovation is not only beneficial for the Canadian market, but for the international market as well. The innovation agenda will help to make Canada the centre of global innovation and is an important step toward progress and positive change.

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