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Safeguarding Central Park TOwer

How Mircom Elevated Fire Safety in the Heart of New York

In Midtown New York City, just one block south of Central Park and alongside the ultra-luxury developments of Billionaires’ Row stands the tallest residential building in the world and the second tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere, the Central Park Tower. Developed by Extell Development Company, the landmark rises 99 stories high, accommodates 179 luxury residences and, at ground level, a seven-story, 285,000 square foot retail space serving as Nordstrom’s New York City flagship.

Our client required a flexible and reliable fire alarm and voice system that could accommodate the extraordinary scope and scale of the project while aligning with the multitude of intricate Fire Department of New York (FDNY) code constraints. Mircom’s FleX-Net fire detection and voice evacuation systems were selected for their peer-to-peer networking capabilities and expandability, offering a fully integrated solution for this complex development.

Project Background & Scope

The 99-story Central Park Tower stands 1,550 feet above the grounds of New York City and encompasses 179 of the most exclusive condominiums in the world. The first seven floors have a collective height of 280 feet and house the retail store, Nordstrom, which includes seven full-service restaurants. There are 320,000 square feet dedicated to commercial use, and in addition to the Nordstrom flagship, there are an additional five floors of exquisite amenity spaces for residents. The tower is serviced by a total of eleven elevators.

The Challenge

Innovative Solutions in the Face of Complexity

The most unique aspect of the Central Park Tower was the complexity of the FDNY code requirements centered on the intricacy of working with shared mechanical systems between the high-rise Nordstrom and the residential area. It was vital that every three to four floors of the project had its own FleX-Net network control panel displaying the correct activity relevant to either the commercial area or the residential area. The Fire Alarm Control Panels were grouped into two separate systems, running on one unified network.

The challenges of the project included the intricate programming of the massive spaces and the interaction of the fire alarm system with the various shared mechanical systems, elevators and stairwells.

Graphical smoke control was another critical requirement to achieve due to the many automated sequences and purge requirements. Originally, the smoke control was operated with a Hand-Off Auto (HOA) switch, but the complexity of the project called for the addition of an entire graphic system. The existing fire systems of the two buildings adjacent to Nordstrom also had to be considered for compatibility with Mircom’s solution in order to comply with FDNY requirements.

These various challenges were successfully overcome through effective coordination and teamwork between Mircom, AKF Group, and our excellent local partner, Manhattan Fire and Security (MFS).

The Mircom Solution

Together with AKF and MFS, Mircom was able to successfully overcome all challenges presented by the Central Park Tower project and meet the stringent requirements of the FDNY every step of the way.

The flexibility of the Mircom FleX-Net fire alarm and voice evacuation system was a critical factor in solving the various and complex problems presented by this installation. The FleX-Net’s ability to adapt to firmware changes and add variants in a prompt and efficient manner were vital factors for success. Advanced logic equations were used frequently and aided in delivering a timely and effective solution.

The FleX-Net series is a powerful intelligent networkable fire alarm solution that is designed to meet a wide variety of applications while providing reliability, flexibility, and expandability. The FleX-Net was selected for its peer-to-peer networking capability and its ability to allow for over 60 nodes of network connectivity.

Flex-Net’s expandability and customization options provide great comfort to property managers and end users knowing that future changes will be readily and effectively accommodated. The Mircom solution, along with Manhattan Fire and Security’s excellent installation and servicing, once again contributed to a successful project completion.

Benefits and Added Value

Mircom is North America’s largest independent manufacturer for scalable and flexible building solutions. We are unique in having our design, manufacturing, distribution and support teams all housed under one roof right here in North America.

Mircom’s R&D and Applications teams have comprehensive capabilities in understanding firmware requirements and executing timely changes as required. This provides numerous benefits to our clients and installation partners engaged in complex projects like the Central Park Tower.  

In addition, Mircom’s solutions are designed with a focus on minimizing the cost of ownership post-installation, which provides additional security and comfort to our clients and their occupants. Mircom systems are unparalleled in their ability to allow for various advanced programming requests and systems to be reassigned to an owner’s choice of service providers in cases of unforeseeable events.

System Summary

The Central Park Tower installation incorporated:


  • 2 graphic smoke control panels
  • 28 FleX-Net nodes
  • Distributed Audio with 56 loops
  • over 3,000 detectors
  • over 3,000 speaker & strobe devices.

Installation and Team

AKF Group provided MEP / FP design and fire & life safety consulting for the project. Charles Joyce, the lead engineer for AKF, provided both system design and support throughout the course of the project.

Mircom’s Engineered System Distributor (ESD) partner on this project was Manhattan Fire and Security. The MFS team orchestrated the completion of the project through precise and accurate commissioning, programming, testing, and inspection with FDNY.

Mircom’s factory involvement included the delivery of advanced technical support and programming, both on-site and remotely throughout the project. Specific areas of focus for our factory experts included the implementation of smoke control management and multi-FCC controls in accordance with FDNY requirements.

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The Results

Mircom's Impact on Fire Safety at Central Tower

Mircom’s solution for the Central Park Tower was highly successful.

The Flex-Net system provided was a robust, reliable, and flexible solution. These qualities were critical factors in the client’s selection. Our solution was fully customizable, which allowed the project to fulfill
complex FDNY code requirements, with excellent quality and performance, which delivered a high level of client satisfaction.

The success of this project was also largely related to the seamless cooperation between teams from Mircom, AKF and Manhattan Fire and Security. We are thankful to have excellent partners to ensure highly effective project deliveries.

Mircom is deeply honored to have been selected for this remarkable project as it advances us one step closer to expanding the worldwide community of safer, smarter, and more livable buildings.

Experience safety redefined with Mircom’s cutting-edge fire detection and alarm systems. Designed to adapt and protect, our solutions cater to both new constructions and retrofit applications. Contact us today to explore how our customized solutions can elevate your building’s safety and security to new heights.

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