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FleX-Net -New Technician Canada Training (Central Standard Time)

December 15 @ 9:30 am - December 16 @ 5:00 pm


December 15 @ 9:30 am
December 16 @ 5:00 pm
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Mircom™ is pleased to offer our FleX-Net™  New Technician Training Course to be held Online via Google Classroom.  This course has been designed to teach service technicians with no prior FleX-Net experience to familiarize themselves with the product and its features.  Upon completion of the course, the training attendee will have the knowledge and equipment required to confidently install and service the FleX-Net fire alarm panel and family of products.  The training registration fee includes online class interaction with the instructor, practical exercises with heavy reference to product manuals/programming software, and detailed technical presentations.  After the conclusion of the course, attendees who have successfully passed the course will receive a training certificate by email and will have their FleX-Net programming key activated for 2 years of use in the field.

This course will begin at 9:30 am central standard time.  An email with Google Classroom access details will be sent by the instructor after training registration is complete.

Cut off Date for registering and completing payment for the December 15 – 16th session is December 4th, 2020.  Please register before December 4th to ensure a spot in the course.  Additionally it is advised that registration be completed as soon as possible to ensure that Flex-Net programming keys are shipped to your employer’s office location before Stage 2 training begins.


Course Outline

Once the customer has paid for the course, they will receive a link to join the class on Google Classroom. An overview of the class curriculum will be available as well as the class calendar for the live stream event times.  The maximum permitted class size will be 8 technicians.  

There are 2 stages of this course. The first stage is self-guided with material assignments and short quizzes. Stage 2 will be comprised of instructor led interactive class sessions followed by assignments distributed each day.

Stage 1 Course Instruction:

The first stage is self-guided with material assignments and short quizzes. The link to the self-guided curriculum will be made available of December 7th to attendees who have been confirmed. Completion of Stage 1 is MANDATORYThose attendees that are unable to complete Stage 1 of the FleX-Net course will not proceed to attend Stage 2.

1. Sign in and join the Mircom online classroom (Google Classroom)
2. Follow the self-guided assignments and complete Modules 1, 2 and 3
3. Codemeter key is not required for this Stage
4. This will take 8 hours to complete, please plan accordingly
5. All quizzes and assignments are tracked and recorded
6. Due Date for quizzes and assignments will be Monday, December 14th at 5:00 pm, PST.

Stage 2 – Instructor Led Learning:

The instructor led live stream classroom environment will be conducted on Tuesday, December 15 and Wednesday, December 16. The live stream will use Microsoft Teams Meeting.  A Microsoft Office 365 account is not required to join a meeting as a guest. Click the following link below to see how this is done:

How to join meetings in Microsoft Teams as a guest

The remote classroom live sessions will be presented over 2 days with a morning session and an afternoon session each day. Assignments will be graded and there will be a pass/fail grade given.

Day 1 –December 15, 2020

Morning Session (Tuesday) (2.5 hours)
1. Live Stream Classroom using Microsoft Teams.

a. Introduction
b. Expectations, questions etc.
c. Review of self-guided work (answer questions)

2. Configuration Software (Codemeter key is required)

a. Adding CPU’s (Loop Adders and Remote Annunciators

3. Project Assignment (Bigger Job)

Afternoon Session (Tuesday) (3 hours)
1. Live Stream Classroom using Microsoft Teams.

a. Adding Audio (Configuration Software)
b. Configurator – audio job walkthrough

2. Assignment – Create database projects that relate to the day 1 material and submit for grading.

Day 2 – December 16, 2020

Morning Session (Wednesday) (2.5 Hours)
1. Live Stream Classroom using Microsoft Teams.

a. Review the previous day’s work and feedback.
b. Network and Node Grouping

i. Network types (Highrise, Podium, Campus)
ii. Proper node grouping setup

c. Advanced Logic Presentation

2. Quiz related to material presented during the live stream.

Afternoon Session (Wednesday) (3 hours)
1. Live Stream Classroom using Microsoft Teams.

a. Advanced Logic editor

i. Working with the editor
ii. Work through various logic scenarios

b. Review sample job databases that use Advanced Logic

2. Assignments for final grading

a. Basic Single node Advanced Logic database
b. Networked Systems Advanced logic database
c. Complex multi-node system with network grouping functions and advanced logic/timer functions.

Final Assignment -December 17, 2020

No live sessions

  1. All assignments due for submission by 12:00 pm noon 


Class Enrollment Details and Course Pricing

Option 1: New FleX-Net Technician – One attendee, one key, and one cable kit

  • $2,575 + tax per person
  • For new technicians that have no prior FleX-Net Training and do not have a programming key or cable.

*Please note that the prices listed above do not include local state taxes which will be applied once an invoice has been sent to your employer.*

FleX-Net Activation Keys and MGC Cable Kits

Once training registration and payment has been received, Mircom will ship FleX-Net programming keys and MGC cable kits to the training attendee’s employer.  A few days before the beginning of the instructor led portion of class, all training attendees should ensure they receive a FleX-Net programming key in the mail to ensure they can properly take the training course.  All training attendees will be required to utilize the FleX-Net programming key to learn how to operate and program the FleX-Net configurator software.

Mircom will do its best to provide technicians with FleX-Net keys and MGC Cable kits in advance of the first day of the instructor led portion of class.  If unforeseen shipping delays prevent the FleX-Net programming keys from being delivered to the training attendee on time, we ask that arrangements be made by the ESD to lend an existing programming key they have in their possession to their employee for training purposes.  Delaying the delivery date of the training course until keys are received may also be considered.

Technical Laptop/PC Specifications Required for Class

Attendees will require a Windows PC, preferably a laptop, with the following minimum specifications: (A laptop is needed for portability when connecting to control equipment):

  • 1.33GHz CPU or better with at least 4 GB RAM
  • Microsoft Windows 10 preferred.
  • An additional monitor is required to follow along with online instructor led sessions while participating with coding assignments.
  • 2 USB ports will be required when connecting to equipment in the future. (one for the Codemeter security key and the other for the panel interface cable.)
  • A functional microphone and webcam. (webcam is required to verify a single learner is participating.)
  • Ensure computer access to high speed internet connection

*Failure to meet these technical requirements may negatively affect the learning experience of the attending technician. Mircom is not responsible for any technical issues that the training attendee may experience with their computer equipment or internet connection during the training course.

Preparations before attending class

Sign in and join the Mircom online classroom (Google Classroom). A classroom code will be sent to the email provided for the learner prior to the start of the course.

  1. Follow the instructions in the online classroom.
  2. A quick live stream meeting may be requested, prior to the 1st day of online instruction to ensure everyone has a proper functioning connection.
  3. All live stream events will be recorded.


Book Now

Note: This course is for Canadian customers only. Non-Canadian applications will be ignored.

  • 1GHz CPU or better with at least 512 MB RAM
  • 600 MB of available disk space
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or newer
  • Available USB port for a WIBU CodeMeter security key
  • Available COM port or USB adapter for uploading and downloading

A remote mouse is HIGHLY recommended.

Training Payment Policy 

*Within 48 hours of registration for in-class training, a sales confirmation order with the owed course enrollment fees will be emailed to the registering technician and company.*

Mircom has a mandatory “immediate payment policy” where the course enrollment fees must be paid in full prior to the start date of the course.  Failure to make full payments before class start date will result in the forfeiting of your reserved spot in class, as reservations are made on a first come first serve basis.  Any enrollment fees owing will also result in the delayed issuing of ordered materials including; FleX-Net programming key, MGC Cable Kit, and Training Certificate.

Credit Card Payment

Payment for the enrollment fee can be made via credit card by downloading and completing the Credit Card Authorization Form at the following link below:

Credit Card Authorization Form

Once the form has been completed kindly email it to AccountsReceivable@mircomgroup.com and jyuen@mircomgroup.com

In your email please include the following information.

Customer Account #
Amount Being Sent
Date of the Training Session attended

ATTN: Accounts Receivable

Training Cancellation Policy 

All Mircom Technologies Ltd. and MGC Systems Corp. (“Mircom”) training sessions will be subject to the following cancellation policy, which Mircom may change from time to time in its discretion without provision of notice to any person, whatsoever.

If the registrant in unable to attend, the following options are available to them:

  1. Substitute someone else to attend in their place on the condition that Mircom is notified of the substitution and provided with the requisite identification information for the substitute attendee, at least one (1) business day before the event;
  2. Have 100% of the fee paid refunded by cheque, irrespective of method of payment, or be left with Mircom as credit towards future training events (at the registrant’s option) on the condition that Mircom receives written notice of registrant’s inability to attend before the deadline for registration for the event, as published by Mircom; or
  3. Have 85% of the fee paid refunded by cheque, irrespective of method of payment, or be left with Mircom as credit towards future training events (at the registrant’s option) if Mircom receives written notice of registrant’s inability to attend after the deadline for registration for the event, as published by Mircom. The remaining portion of the fee will be retained by Mircom as a pre-estimate of the administration cost, and not as penalty.

For clarity, if Mircom does not receive notice, as stated above, substitutions will not be allowed and 100% of the fee will be non-refundable and retained by Mircom as a pre-estimate of the administration costs, and not as a penalty, without responsibility to registrant or others.

Mircom may cancel the event if it deems appropriate to do so, including due to not achieving minimum attendance deemed appropriate by Mircom for the specific event, unexpected illness or other reason for unavailability of trainers, or other extraordinary or force majeure reasons. In the event of such cancellation by Mircom, at the registrant’s option, the fee paid to Mircom will be refunded by cheque, irrespective of method of payment, or be left with Mircom as credit towards future training events.

Contact Us

Should you have any further questions feel free to reach out to Mircom’s Corporate Training and Development Team.

General Inquiries

For all general training inquiries related to training registration, training content, issuing training certificates, expiry date extensions and more kindly reach out to the Mircom Training Group.

Mircom Corporate Training and Development Team
Email: training@mircomgroup.com

Credit Card & Payment Inquiries

For all inquiries involving credit card payment and invoicing, kindly reach out to Jonathan Yuen.

Jonathan Yuen
Trainer and Development Coordinator
Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 5W3, Canada
Telephone: 905-660-4655 ext: 2145
Email: jyuen@mircomgroup.com

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