Why can't I connect to my panel via IP?

If you are having difficulty connecting to your TX3-CX series access control panel go through the steps below:

  1. Verify that the panel is properly connected to the router (via any switches). Also verify both the green and orange light, on the IP module is randomly flashing (as if communicating with a router).
  2. Verify the pinouts to the patch network cable to be one-to-one Type A or Type B network pin-out assignment (use a cable tester to determine its proper one-to-one communication).
  3. Ensure that the IP-Module is properly plugged into the TX3-CX-2-A’s board.
  4. Ensure that your router has DHCP assigned IP range of reserve IP addresses.
  5. Ensure that your router’s firewall allows network connections of new peripheral devices.
  6. Ensure that your configured laptop is on the same LAN as the device you are trying to connect too.
  7. Ensure that 14000-14003 ports are not taken/used for that LAN.
  8. Ensure that your IPv4 configurations (on your laptop) sees the LAN- verify that you can ping the router.
  9. Ensure that the panel is not connected through a VPN (there will be latency communication issues disallowing you to see the panel).
  10. Ensure that you have 3.1.22 and above for IP connectivity assurance. ( If not that use USB to firmware update your panel).
  11. Ensure that the LAN has enough bandwidth to accommodate the newly installed panel.
  12. Ensure that no other OEM VNC-type application is installed on your laptop or installed on the TX3-TOUCH causing ODBC disruption.
  13. Ensure that your TCP/IP-v4 WINS has Netbios over TCP/IP enabled.
  14. Ensure that the Configurator software is properly installed.
  15. Ensure that the SQL connectivity is set for both TCP and ODBC connectivity.
  16. Ensure that there is no IP address conflict.
  17. Ensure that both the IP and RS485 addresses are correct.
  18. Ensure that port forwarding is properly configured for remote accessing (both TCP & UDP need to be enabled).

If you still cannot connect to your panel after following these steps, please contact technical support for more assistance.

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Thank you! We will use your feedback to improve our frequently asked questions.

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