CarePoint Resident Safety System

Mircom is Philips Lifeline’s Certified Solution Provider (CSP) for the CarePoint Resident Safety Solution in Canada.

As your community changes or grows, the system can easily be modified to accommodate your evolving needs.

CarePoint is powered by the SmartCare software that oversees and processes a multitude of functions with speed and precision. The system employs a network “backbone” to provide call coverage over an entire community, indoors and out, with multiple wireless receivers, and where applicable links strategically placed throughout the campus. When help is needed, calls enter the system through a receiver close to the resident, allowing CarePoint to indicate the resident’s general location so staff can respond and provide assistance quickly.

By enhancing piece of mind for seniors, their families and your senior living residence staff, Philips delivers emergency call system solutions from Independent through to Assisted Living environments. Philips Emergency Call Systems address many aspects of residents health and well-being allowing them to continue with their daily activities with confidence.

The Central Monitoring Station (CMS) featuring SmartCare Software is the heart of the Philips CarePoint System.

The wireless receiver picks up signals from residents’ help devices and passes them to the Central Monitoring Station to be dispatched to staff.

Wireless Links enable use of a wireless backbone.

AutoAlert is a smart pendant-style button that automatically sends an alarm to CarePoint if a fall is detected.

The 7000 Personal Help Button (PHB) is small and lightweight, to provide maximum comfort and flexibility.

Attractive, low maintenance help notification device is easy for senior to use and complements community décor and is well placed in common areas.

Fixed help device rated for use outdoors. This allows your community to cover walking paths and exterior community areas.

Wireless Nurse Call button with local reset for closed loop response.

Based on Lifeline’s proven, senior-designed home communicators, the CarePoint Voice Response Communicator sets a new community voice response standard for resident safety and assessment.

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