The FR-320NETK is a combination panel kit that adds releasing capability to the FleX-Net™ system without the need for a separate external cabinet.


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Based upon Mircom’s already UL listed FR-320 Releasing panel and FleX-Net™ systems, this system permits pre-release, abort, manual release, and reset control.

The FR-320NETK includes all necessary items pre-connected to integrate the FR-320 releasing panel to the Mircom’s FleX-Net™ system. The FleX-Net™ and FR-320 panels have
independent power arrangements each with its own AC supply and battery setup. The connection between the FR-320 and the FleX-Net™ panels is by isolated relays. The FR-320 uses the FR-320 pre-programmed mode #2 to enable activation features via the FleX-Net initiating device circuits.

Note: In this particular configuration, the Mass Notification System (MNS) capability is not available for use at this panel node.

Note: The releasing devices used must be wired locally to this panel.

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