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Addressable gas, flame, smoke and thermal sensors are continuously monitored for alarm signals, malfunctions, open and/or short circuit conditions through a reliable and proven digital communication link.

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Long Description

The operator is provided with analog values pertaining to combustible and toxic gas levels as well as the presence of a fire through the smoke or thermal sensors in the protected spaces.

Designed to interface with other systems through an RS-485 data highway and using a thoroughly proven MODBUS Communication protocol the PRO-2000 links directly to any host computer, Distributed Control System (DCS) or Emergency Shutdown (ESD) system.

Enhanced reliability against short circuit conditions and RS-485 Splitter Module provides complete isolation for power and communication lines alike. Designed with safety and reliability in mind, the PRO-2000 affords end-users and operators continuous operation through protection against single-point-failure mode. A self diagnostic feature minimizes trouble shooting problems and makes system integration an easy and simple process.


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Phone: 905-660-4655 (Extension 3)

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Product Specifications (Datasheets / Product Sheets / Cut Sheets)

CAT-4000 PRO-2000 X2 Panels (English)   Download
CAT-4000S PRO-2000 X2 Panels (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4001 PRO-2000 X6 Panels (English)   Download
CAT-4001S PRO-2000 X6 Panels (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4002 PRO-2000 LCD Expander Module (English)   Download
CAT-4002S PRO-2000 LCD Expander Module (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4003 PRO-2000 Series Components (English)   Download
CAT-4003S Pro-2000 Series Components (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4004 PRO-2000 LCD Annunciator Assembly (English)   Download
CAT-4004S PRO-2000 LCD Annunciator Assembly (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4005 PRO-2000 MPU Card (English)   Download
CAT-4005S PRO-2000 MPU Card (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4006 PRO-2000 RS-232 Interface Module (English)   Download
CAT-4006S PRO-2000 RS-232 Interface Module (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4007 PRO-2000 RS-422 Interface Module (English)   Download
CAT-4007S PRO-2000 RS-422 Interface Module (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4008 PRO-2000 ADI Card (English)   Download
CAT-4008S PRO-2000 ADI Card (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4009 PRO-2000 24^32 Zone Supervised Input Card (English)   Download
CAT-4009S PRO-2000 24^32 Zone Supervised Input Card (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4010 PRO-2000 12 Zone Supervised Relay Card (English)   Download
CAT-4010S PRO-2000 12 Zone Supervised Relay Card (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4011 PRO-2000 Communication Card (English)   Download
CAT-4011S PRO-2000 Communication Card (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4012 PRO-2000 RS-485 Interface Module (English)   Download
CAT-4012S PRO-2000 RS-485 Interface Module (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4013 PRO-2000 RS-485 Distribution Card (English)   Download
CAT-4013S PRO-2000 RS-485 Distribution Card (English)   Download
CAT-4014 PRO-2000 Power Supply Module Transformer Bracket (English)   Download
CAT-4014S PRO-2000 Power Supply Module Transformer Bracket (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4015 PRO-2000 APS-15291 Auxiliary Power Supply (English)   Download
CAT-4015S PRO-2000 Auxilliary Power Supply (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4016 PRO-2000 MIX-200 Series (English)   Download
CAT-4016S PRO-2000 MIX-200 Series (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4017 MIX-M500 Series (English)   Download
CAT-4017S MIX-M500 Series (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4018S PRO-2000 MIX-M500 Series (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4019 PRO-2000 Military Application Detector (English)   Download
CAT-4019S PRO-2000 Military Application Detector (English)   Download
CAT-4021 5451EIS Temperature Rise Rate Detector (English)   Download
CAT-4021S 5451EIS Temperature Rise Rate Detector (English)   Download
CAT-4022 PRO-2000 Explosion Proof Heat Detector (English)   Download
CAT-4022S PRO-2000 Explosion Proof Heat Detector (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4023 Rate Compensated Heat Detector (English)   Download
CAT-4023S Rate Compensated Heat Detector (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4024 Linear Heat Detectors (English)   Download
CAT-4024S Linear Heat Detectors (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4027 PRO-2000_APS-14127 Auxilliary Power Supply (English)   Download
CAT-4027S PRO-2000 APS-14127 Auxilliary Power Supply (Spanish)   Download
CAT-4028 2251-COPTIR Multi-Criteria Detector (English)   Download
CAT-4028 2251-COPTIR Multi-Criteria Detector (Spanish)   Download



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