Reduce Complexity with Property Management & Building Automation Systems

We know that managing a vertical community is not easy. Every day, the property management team juggles a stream of never ending occupant requests in the form of e-mails, voice mails, and hand written notes. On top of this, the team is also responsible for coordinating maintenance, contract work and updating numerous data-bases as the communities’ requests evolve.

Here’s how Mircom can help eliminate unnecessary hassles, leading to happy management and occupants: (Click on the buttons below)

Increase Efficiency

Lower Costs

Better Service
to Occupants

Increase efficiency

Property Manager Nightmare

Mircom's 'SmartCondo' solutions let occupants generate most of the communication and follow up activities, which in turn eliminates steps and paper work for the property management team. This way, you can reduce the number of databases and paper records associated with daily tasks like tenant registration, feedback and issues management.

If your focus is decreasing energy consumption, reducing ongoing equipment costs, or managing tenant registration and escalated issues, we can help you assess the needs of your community and make systems installation and integration recommendations to help improve efficiency while lowering costs.

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Lower Costs

Property Manager Nightmare

Our portfolio of integrated hardware and software unifies access control, telephone entry, elevator restriction, and community amenity and security service requests. By empowering occupants to control and manage their security needs, we free up your time, allowing you to provide timely resolutions to the occupants’ needs.

Our building automation systems can lower your maintenance costs and reduce energy consumption footprint of your building. With most of our systems, the costs can be paid back within a few years giving a great ROI.

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Provide Better Service to Occupants

Property Manager Nightmare

Automate your building with a level of security and communications sophistication that will improve quality of life and reduce instances of tenant frustration and complaints.

With Mircom's TX3 Community you can get rid of sticky notes and receive maintenance requests and other bookings from occupants electronically.

Since you receive them instantly, you can respond instantly, helping to take care of occupant problems before they escalate.

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Smart Buildings Case Study

Mircom turned our headquarters into an intelligent building.

This case study details how we did it.

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