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Electrical contractors who need easy-to-install electrical systems for residential and commercial buildings are more frequently turning to their systems vendor for recommendations on meeting mandatory requirements in the most efficient way possible.

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Cost Effective

Industry Knowledge

Easy-to-Install & Maintain Systems

Easy to Install Products

Mircom solutions are known for their ease of installation and verification which helps electrical contractors get systems up and running faster and with less labour involved.

Our electrical systems are compatible with both RS-485 and CAT-5 cabling, which means you can use IP enabled products to meet modern project requirements.

Working with Mircom, you’ve got a partner who is actively working to design and manufacture hybrid systems that are highly compatible with more types of cabling, networking, and protocols than other vendors, leading to faster and easier installations.

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Cost Effective Solutions

Cost Effective Solutions

We understand that the requirements for your projects range from basic to highly sophisticated.

We have the right solutions for the most complex and the most simple of project opportunities, at various price points.

Bidding is a competitive process, but you can count on us to help you win.

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Proven Industry Knowledge

Life Safety & Security Specific Knowledge

We know this industry and our solutions inside-out.

We're more than happy to provide any information you need on compatibility and systems protocols to meet your specific job requirements.

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Learn how Mircom solutions protect Marriott properties and create safer, smarter, more livable hotels.

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