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Technical bulletins are used to ensure timely and uniform application of technical information, guidelines and instructions including changes to standards and products.

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MIX-M500-RAP/(A)AP relay devices

When powering up a loop that has a MIX-M500RAP(A) relay with date code TBD, it will cause the panel to go into a loop initialization fault. This issue is due to a design change, which deviates from published specifications made by System Sensor that is causing an adverse effect (bad checksum) fault the panels.

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MIX-2351AP/(A)AP Smoke Detector

The MIX-2351AP(A) smoke sensor with a date code starting with “3” (e.g. 3021, 3032 etc) may cause the panel to go into false alarm or auto test failure depending on the firmware and panel the device is installed on.

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