MiConnect is Mircom’s cloud based web portal for all cloud and wireless services. It is designed with a very simple interface to monitor and manage all Mircom access control connection systems.

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MiConnect offers a simple interface for dealers and property managers to manage the resident’s SIP user ID’s.


  • Can create a profile to login,
  • Create multiple buildings under their accounts,
  • Add new SIP enables devices (TX3 Touch & Nano) under buildings,
  • Add new residents under buildings,
  • Create, edit, suspend and remove SIP users,
  • Give limited access to the property managers to create, edit, suspend and remove SIP users in their buildings,
  • Monitor and calculate all the usage,
  • Process online payments (Coming Soon)

Property managers:

  • Can add, edit, suspend or delete SIP user information in their building(s).
  • If they have multiple locations, they can manage all from the same interface grouped by building.
  • See the monthly charges and the break down.

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