NEW – Weather Protected Outdoor Enclosure


We are pleased to announce the launch of the new BB-1002WPA (White Door) and BB-1002WPRA (Red Door).   

They are now available and ready to order! 

These two new launches were specifically developed for projects where an outdoor annunciator is needed. The BB-1002WP(R)A comes complete with a back box, door and hinge. The enclosure door comes with a strong Lexan sealed window, two keys and a durable lock at the top of the door. The door comes hinged to the bottom side of the box. 

The box is capable of handling one RAM-1032TZDS-CC Main Annunciator Chassis which provides up to 32 points of annunciation and an adder annunciator RAX-1048TZDS-CC, which provides up to 48 points of annunciation. 

The RAM-1032TZDS-CC and RAX-1048TZDS are ordered separately to match the UL, ULC installation requirements. 


– Weather protected, for both indoor and outdoor application 

– White and red semi-gloss finishing, and black back box 

– Lexan sealed window, to protect against the challenges of an outdoor application 

– Easy to install 2 knockouts for wiring, with 7/8” diameter 

– For surface mount applications 

– No heater or thermostat needed 

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