News SPPS Series

The new line of Speakers and Speaker Strobes that deliver the best audio/visual solution with exceptional efficiency in a compact design. 

Mircom’s SPPS series of Speakers and Speaker Strobes extend the notification appliance offering to provide a complete family lineup that utilizes advanced LED technology. 

Energy Efficient: Lowest current draw in the industry with 33mA @ 15cd 

Flexible: Most candela options in any LED NAC device with 6 standards and 6 high 

Safe: Highest output LED speaker strobe that meets the 20ms pulse width requirement of NFPA 72. 

Multi-Language Support: Every speaker strobe includes multiple language plastic inserts (English/French/ Spanish) 

Aesthetic Slimmest profile in the market with Speaker depth @ 0.59” and Speaker Strobe depth @ 0.95” 

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