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Mircom Smart Buildings FAQ

Please view the FAQ’s below in regards to Mircom Smart Buildings.

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Yes. Mircom offers both online and in-class training for OpenBAS. Part of the in-class training will include a free Learning Module (OpenBAS-HV-LEARN) coupled with the configuration software to provide simulated field scenarios.

Mircom is an authorized distributor for Schneider products, which include valves, actuators, various sensors, VAV controllers, dampers, and thermostats. OpenBAS offers VAV controllers and temperature thermostats.

OpenBAS controllers are microprocessor-based and programmed individually so they can still operate when offline.

There is a quoting tool available to recommend the base equipment and optional accessories required. Please contact our sales representatives to aid you in selecting the appropriate products to meet your needs.

OpenBAS controllers can be programmed using ladder logic instructions; they also have integrated script compilers supporting multiple languages other than English. The script can be written in French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Dutch. The EZ wizard application builder creates initial templates of scripts ready to be compiled, downloaded to the controllers and further modified to meet the application requirements.

Yes, OpnBAS literature is available for download on the Mircom website.

The OpenBAS configurator software is free to download from the Mircom website and includes all the modules required to configure and commission all OpenBAS.

The OpenBAS configurator software includes an EZ wizard application builder with prebuilt and ready-to-use solutions for applications in HVAC, mechanical rooms, lighting control, power metering, protocol conversion, etc.

Schneider’s StruxureWare, NiagaraAX Framework®, BACnet Explorer, Modbus poll, etc.

OpenBAS supports main stream open protocols, allowing 3rd party hardware and software to be integrated into OpenBAS networks. OpenBAS equipment can also be integrated into 3rd party networks.

Depending on the network type, different capabilities are offered. TCP/IP networks have the number of devices limited by the number of IP addresses available on each network; however, routers can be used to span multiple networks allowing an unlimited number of devices. On RS485 networks, the different protocols supported offer device capabilities between 127 and 250 devices on each individual sub network.

OpenBAS equipment is certified by listing agencies, such as: UL, ULC, CSA, and FCC.

OpenBAS delivers HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), Lighting, Power Metering, and VAV Fan & Coil control to optimize comfort and energy management within a facility.

Mircom’s OpenBAS (Building Automation System) is a wide selection of UL/ULC listed controllers and supporting accessories that can be easily integrated into any industrial, commercial, or residential applications. OpenBAS delivers HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), Lighting, Power Metering, and VAV Fan & Coil control to optimize comfort and energy management within a facility. OpenBAS controllers are programmable and configurable with advanced functions to accommodate any custom application.

Building Automation Systems (BAS) are centralized, interlinked networks of hardware and software which monitor and control the environment in industrial, commercial, or residential applications. While managing various building systems, the automation system ensures optimal operational performance of the facility, comfort and safety of building occupants, and increases energy efficiency.

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