Voice Entry, Access Control, Intercom, Security & Emergency Lighting

Region/ State Company Contact Name Phone Email
North East
Connecticut (CT) RG SALES ASSOCIATES Rich Giannattasio 978-664-8095 Office rgiannattasio@cs.com
Maine (ME) 978-857-8405 Cell
Massachusetts (MA)
New England (NE) John Ferrara 978-664-8095 Office john@rgsalesassociates.com
New Hampshire (NH) 781-799-2938 Cell
Rhode Island (RI)
Vermont (VT)
new york and new jersey
New York RUBEN AND COMPANY Ruben Furcayg 877-250-7518 Office ruben@rubenandco.com
New Jersey (NJ)
Eastern Pennsylvania (PA) David Furcayg 877-250-7518 Office david@rubenandco.com
914-588-1197 Cell
Delaware (DE) GO SALES AND MARKETING Tim O’Connor 732-425-0144 Cell tim.gosales@comcast.net
Maryland (MD)
Virginia (VA) Guy S. Kline 301-992-0692 Cell guykline@gmail.com
Washington DC (DC)
Indiana (IN) FRANK FOSTER AND ASSOCIATES Frank Foster 630-277-1076 Office 123frank@comcast.net
Kentucky (KY)
Michigan (MI)
Ohio (OH)
Western Pennsylvania (PA)
West Virginia (WV)
Missouri (MO) ASCHEMAN GROUP Tom Ascheman 314-713-0587 Cell aschemant@yahoo.com
Iowa (IA)
Kansas (KS)
Nebraska (NE)
Southern Illinois (IL)
Minnesota (MN) SCHUCH & ASSOCIATES Patrick Schuch 708-784-0655 Office pschuch@sbcglobal.net
North Dakota (ND)
Northern Illinois (IL) David Lindquist 708-309-0843 Cell dlindquist@sonnettechnologysales.com
South Dakota (SD)
Wisconsin (WI)
Arkansas (AR) Performance Reps Dennis Farley 972-772-4477 dennis@prisales.com
Louisiana (LA)
Oklahoma (OK) Kent Jones 214-850-9519 cell kent@prisales.com
Texas (TX)
John Anderson 972-772-4477 john@prisales.com
North Carolina (NC) Dave Taylor & Co. Dave Taylor (770) 633-1922 dt@davetaylor.com
South Carolina (SC)
Goergia (GA) Rod Warren (770) 331-2872 rodwarren@comcast.net
Alabama (AL)
Mississippi (MS) Brian Hagman (919) 414-4616 thehagmangroup@yahoo.com
Tennessee (TN)
Florida Innovated Associated Solutions Bill Behrens (847) 915-0361 Cell bill@iasreps.com
Alaska (AK) PSR (Professional Sales Representatives) Scott Crown 916-425-2369 Office
Arizona (AR) Andy Applegate 949-300-4929 Office
California (CA) Christina Elliott 360-433-5634 Office
Colorado (CO) Taylor Tandy 801-864-2494 Office
Hawaii (HI) Steve Eisenstadt 818-519-3617 Office
Idaho (ID) Jason Copeland 310-341-8774 Office
Oregon (OR) Adam Sisbarro 720-363-7327 Office
Montana (MT) Eva Page 970-261-8476 Office
Nevada (NV) Tiffany Bernal
New Mexico (NM)
Washington (WA)
Wyoming (WY)
Utah (UT)

If you would like to become a Mircom/Secutron ESD or distributor please contact our Executive VP, Business Development.

Rick Falbo
905-660-4655 (Office)

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