Centerpoint Energy Tower Case Study

CenterPoint Energy Tower

The CenterPoint Energy Tower is a 47-story mixed-use skyscraper located in downtown Houston, Texas. The building is considered to be a Houston landmark, distinguished by a six-story extension featuring a large hole for visual interest. The building also features a basement with underground tunnels leading to other high-rise buildings, a full cafeteria-style dining room, a shopping area, a loading dock, and three floors of underground parking garage space.

This Case Study examines the retrofit of the building’s fire alarm and communications system and the design considerations fundamental to providing time-sensitive intelligible notifications in response to a fire or emergency situation.

In the end, the Mircom engineered solution delivered efficient building integration, stability and connectivity for the CenterPoint tower. The operations of the mixed-use building were never disrupted throughout the term of the project, ensuring business continuity.


  • Client Centerpoint Energy Tower, Houston, USA
  • Date January 18, 2019
  • Tags Fire

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