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Marriott International Fire Protection & Life Safety Standards - Module 14
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A hotel’s reputation is built on its customer service. In order for a hotel to succeed, it’s not enough to provide just good service; a hotel needs to go above and beyond its customers’ expectations at every level. In keeping with its stellar reputation for customer service, Marriott International has set its own fire protection and life safety standards, known as Module 14, that far exceed the local requirements for their properties.
The Mircom Group of Companies provides fire and safety products that exceed the standards of most jurisdictions in North America. Because Mircom’s products already meet Marriott’s high standards without the need for adaptation, Marriott has enlisted Mircom for numerous projects worldwide.
With Mircom providing industry-standard fire protection for guests and for the hotel, Marriott continues to cultivate its acclaimed reputation for world-class service and safety.



Situated in the scenic Coachella Valley, the Marriott Shadow Ridge resort is one of the Marriott’s Vacations Worldwide properties and includes a Golf Academy. The resort consists of two par 72 golf courses with luxury villa accommodations and amenities for the whole family.


In 2014, the resort added three new guest-room buildings to the existing campus site. Marriott was looking for options without the need to work with the existing fire protection system on the site.


Mircom proposed using the existing fiber infrastructure to install an independent fire system with an annunciation display panel in the main building. Mircom’s FleX-Net fire alarm system was installed by a local Mircom partner with support from Mircom’s regional branch office in Irvine, CA.
The Marriott inspection group performed commissioning testing and certification at the end of the project. They were impressed with the system’s installation and operation, commenting that this was the first time they had completed two days of testing without any corrective actions required for the fire alarm system.
The installation by Mircom’s local partner along with technical support from the Mircom regional office provided an exceptional level of quality and design for the system installation. Close adherence to Marriott’s fire protection standard and excellent system performance continues to open doors to other Marriott properties and projects.



Tucked in the dramatic Rocky Mountains, this resort provides easy access to the famed ski trails and abundant recreation. With 7 floors and 111 rooms, including villas and studio spaces, the facility consists of multiple buildings interconnected by underground service tunnels, elevated pedestrian walkways and ground level sidewalks. Each building is unique and located at various elevations in the mountainous setting.


The resort’s existing fire alarm system was obsolete; it did not provide the level of service and functional capabilities required for the safety of guests and protection of property. Most importantly, the existing system did not meet Marriott’s fire safety standards. Because the resort is at 100% occupancy during the ski season, the installation had to be completed during the off season.


Mircom was asked by Marriott Vacation Clubs Inc. to replace this resort’s existing fire alarm system. In order to cover five separate buildings, the new design utilized a network of nodes in each building, plus a new system of amplifiers to provide emergency communications to all guests.
Mircom and its local contractor designed the system so that it could be installed in multiple phases during the off season so not to disrupt the customers. Once complete, this project will add to the infrastructure the required alarms, new speakers, visual notification appliances and combination smoke and carbon monoxide sensors and sounders in each guest room.
Marriott turned to Mircom to upgrade the aging fire safety system in one of its prestige resorts. Mircom provided a state-of-the-art system that will keep Marriott’s guests and buildings safe for years to come.


Flex-Net on existing fiber infrastructure
    • 5-nodes
    • Open Graphic Navigator
    • INX IOA power supplies & sounder bases
Mircom’s FleX-Net Series is a powerful intelligent networkable fire alarm solution designed for medium to large-scale facilities. FleX-Net offers system designers many levels of flexibility to specify the ideal application of
detection, control, notification and emergency communications. Feature such as fire detection & alarm, audio/voice evacuation, BACnet, Boolean logic, networking and graphical work stations allow this modular solution to
accommodate the simplest systems up to the most complex solutions.
With the addition of the Advance Protocol (AP), Fire/CO detection and 520 Hz support on both the addressable loop and through the audio/voice evacuation, Mircom’s FleX-Net is poised to take you even farther into the future with expanded capabilities.


Whether the hotel is a high-rise tower or multi-building complex, a new build or retrofit, Mircom can deliver the highest level of protection for guests and property. With a wealth of experience
worldwide, Mircom is a trusted partner in providing fire protection systems that exceed local standards and customers’ expectations on every level.
Mircom is the approved vendor to many national hotel chains in North America and around the world. It has provided best-in-class fire protection on sites ranging from high-rises to multiple building campuses. While every project and every jurisdiction has its own specifications, Mircom strives to design and deliver protection systems that surpass local standards.
Mircom’s commitment to excellence is punctuated through its relationship with the Marriott International hotel chain. Mircom has installed fire protection in more than 100 Marriott sites, including some of the chain’s most prestigious locations.
Some of our recent Marriott projects include:
    • Springhill Suites – Chattanooga, TN
    • Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel – Calgary, AB
    • Courtyard Montreal Downtown – Montreal, QC
    • Springhill Suites Marriott – Oceanside, CA
    • Marriott Renaissance – New York, NY

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