Sultan Qaboos Police Academy

Networked Addressable Fire Alarm System with a Central 3D Graphical Workstation
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This new and impressive project was the first phase of the Sultan Qaboos Academy for Police Sciences and Recruits Institute. The initial phase included 28 buildings. The client required a networked addressable fire alarm system with a central graphical workstation. The project timeline for completion was set at 12 months and could not afford any downtime in execution.

The project consisted of following structures;

      • Cadet accommodation buildings (12)
      • Command building
      • Armory
      • Training school
      • Officers and non-officer’s accommodation
      • Kitchen & dining
      • Civilian barrack
      • Store building
      • Shopping block
      • Sports complex
      • Recreation building
      • VIP majlis
      • Service yards
      • Guard house



The total land development area of the project was approximately 6100 acres (25 Square kilometer). The unique challenge was the large compound area and the vast distances between all 28 buildings. In total, 25 FleX-Net fire alarm control panels were connected using 11 Kilometers of copper network cabling.

The client specifically requested UL listed product. Mircom was expertly able to fulfill all requirements.


Mircom’s FleX-Net network fire alarm control panel system has the capability to allow for multiple custom configurations in real time for end users. FleX-Net panels offer modular components to meet a wide variety of applications. Designed for peer-to-peer network communications, the FleX-Net Series allows for up to 63 nodes, while providing reliability, flexibility and expandability.

For this particular project, FleX-Net was configured with fire detection and AC Package Units. The system was also designed to be upgradeable in the future. The end user will have the capability to further customize the FleX-Net system in the event of building upgrades or renovations.

The client chose FleX-Net for its peer-to-peer network capability and because of its robustness and ease of programming. Network programming can be done from any FACP across the campus, without any requirement to program each FACP individually.

Mircom’s Open Graphic Navigator™ 3D graphic software allowed the customer to monitor and control the fire alarm systems in all 28 buildings from a central control room located at the command center building. At the final stage of the project, the client requested to program the FACP at the “Command Centre” building as the Master Fire Alarm Panel (MFACP) in order to display and control all the events in the network and all the other FACP’s to display and control only the local events from specific buildings. Mircom was able to achieve this requirement by utilizing its Node Grouping feature.


Mircom FleX-Net series networkable fire alarm system and Open Graphic Navigator 3D graphic software.

25     FX-2003-12NDS

25     FNC-2000

 1       RAXN-LCD

780   MIX-2251B

480   MIX-5251RB

30      MIX-2251TMB

393    MS-710U

258    BL-6B

50      DNR

140    RA100Z

60      MIX-M500R

 1        OPEN GN

Mircom’s Open Graphic Navigator is a UL approved centralized building management system that provides real-time local or remote monitoring & control of a building or campus. As a powerful integration tool, Open GN allows operators to monitor remote sites from multiple workstations.




Mircom’s ESD Partner on this project was Infrastructure Protection Engineering & Contracting LLC out of Oman (IPEC Oman).

IPEC Oman’s Scope of work was centered on the supply of fire alarm materials, testing & commissioning of the system. The IPEC Oman Team consisted of two (2) commissioning engineers and five (5) technicians who worked to complete the testing and commissioning activities. IPEC Oman’s Head Office provided various forms of support to ensure a successful implementation at the site.


The customer was extremely satisfied with Mircom’s FleX-Net series networkable fire alarm system and Open GN central graphical workstation. They were duly impressed with all facets of Mircom’s solutions and specifically with Mircom’s 3D graphics, user friendly display, fast response and easy control features.

The customer was very proud to confirm that Mircom’s “Open GN” solution was the very first of its kind in any Royal Oman Police project.



“… the ROP Engineering team successfully performed the commissioning inspection at the end of our
Mircom Fire Alarm system testing & commissioning. The client was very impressed with the system
installation and operation, commenting that the OpenGN Graphic Workstation was extremely fast
responding, provided easy to use user interfaces and excellent 3D graphics. This last feature was
unbelievably useful in helping the operator to quickly locate incident location and provide assistance
as required”
– JOBI P R, Manager – Projects & Operations
Infrastructure Protection Engineering & Contracting Co. LLC.


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