Building Future-proof Communities with Intelligent Building Systems

We know that today’s buyers are savvy, and are looking for a ‘SmartCondo’ that provides stimulating social and recreational amenities, while ensuring services that meet their everyday needs. With Mircom’s Intelligent Building Solutions, developers are able to showcase a unique solution that combines security, building management, and access to amenities and services for easy living in vertical neighborhoods.

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Solutions that Maximize ROI and Create Safer, Smarter, More Livable Buildings

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More and more developers focused on increasing profitability are seeing the value in integrating Mircom’s Intelligent Building Solutions to help manage resources, maximize ROI, and add competitive differentiators.

Our integrated solutions enable efficiencies in property management, lower energy costs, and improve quality of life for those living and working in the space.

We make buildings safer, smarter, and more livable.

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Industry Expertise & Consultative Advice

Property Owners

Whether you need a quick retrofit for an apartment entry system, or are developing a fully integrated systems plan for a sophisticated commercial environment, you can benefit from a consultative partner with industry expertise that will understand your objectives and will anticipate your needs throughout the process.

Working with our team, you’ll have access to advice from applications engineers, project managers and technicians who have spent years tackling projects like your own, and who’ve taken the time to assess and identify the needs of your unique environment. If we’re involved early enough in the building process, we’re available to review your systems plan to help spot any gaps in building systems.

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Simplify Multiple Suppliers to a Single Point of Contact

Property Owners

Mircom offers turnkey solutions to help developers reduce the complexity of communicating and managing multiple suppliers.

With our vast selection of intelligent building systems and partnerships with external suppliers, we’ll help recommend, source and project manage all your system needs.

The vast majority of our products are manufactured in North America, helping you avoid higher shipping costs and longer wait times associated with shipping parts from overseas. And last but not least, buying directly from us will help you avoid the added cost of going through a supplier.

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