Unparalleled Fire Detection & Alarm Solutions by Mircom

At Mircom, we pride ourselves on being North America’s largest independent designer, manufacturer and distributor of fire and life safety systems. Our commitment to in- house end-to-end production ensures that we deliver consistent, high-quality fire detection and alarm solutions tailored to your needs.

  • In-house developed addressable protocols ensuring no third-party dependencies.
  • Consistent product supply with our end-to-end manufacturing.
  • An independently owned business with hands-on, accessible leadership and customer service.

“I am impressed with Mircom’s high-quality fire detection and alarm solutions. Their commitment to in-house manufacturing consistently delivers products that exceed our expectations, making them our trusted partner for fire safety equipment.” – Joe E.

The Mircom Advantage: Beyond Ordinary Fire Solutions

When you select Mircom, you’re not just choosing a vendor; you’re forging a partnership with a company committed to excellence, innovation, and unwavering reliability. Our solutions are meticulously crafted and rigorously tested to guarantee you access to top-tier products that set new standards in the industry.

End-to-End Manufacturing

Complete control over quality and supply, ensuring no disruptions.

Flexible Solutions

Our solutions provide you with the flexibility needed for any building requirement.

Complete Code Compliance

Products that meet regional and international standards, ensuring safety and reliability.

Mircom Flex-Net

Tired of Inconsistent Supplies and Quality?

Engineered system distributors often grapple with the inconsistency in product supply and quality from large suppliers. Mircom stands out by offering a consistent supply of superior fire detection and alarm products, thanks to our in-house North American manufacturing. Say goodbye to backorders, discontinued items, and unresponsive manufacturers. With Mircom, you get reliability at its best.


“We turned to Mircom and found a reliable partner. They put an end to our struggles with backorders and discontinued items from other suppliers. ” – Ryan M.

Need a Partner, Not Just a Vendor?

It’s frustrating when vendors are only interested in business without putting in the effort to earn it. At Mircom, we believe in true partnership. Our hands-on, accessible leadership and product support teams ensure that you always have senior, expert attention for any issues. We’re here to support, innovate, and deliver, not just sell.

“Mircom sure has a special way of making each and every customer feel like they’re the only one.” – Catherine A.
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Invest in Mircom: Experience the Future of Fire Detection & Alarm Solutions

When you partner with Mircom, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in a promise of excellence. Our fire detection and alarm solutions guarantee improved safety, reduced project delays, and enhanced compliance. With our comprehensive training and support, you’ll always be ahead of the curve. Trust in Mircom, and witness a transformative return on your investment.

View some of our case studies to see how we’ve helped our clients see positive results.

Standard Bloomington

Huston Technologies Case Study

Huston Technologies & MIRCOM’S Fire Detection Solutions at The Standard at Bloomington As an Engineered Systems Distributor (ESD) for Mircom, Huston Technologies in Indiana, USA, leverages its extensive experience in design, installation, and service work across various verticals, integrating Mircom products into their diverse projects. Contact a Mircom Rep Image Courtesy of The Standard at Bloomington Key Takeaways Mircom’s strong partnership with Huston Technologies and an understanding of industry requirements were crucial for success in this large-scale project. Mircom’s products met local regulations and code requirements, demonstrating remarkable flexibility amidst the evolving scope of this project. Mircom’s reliable supply chain and prompt after-sales support were essential in keeping project timelines on track and strengthening stakeholder trust. Contact a Mircom Rep Project Background & Scope Landmark Properties, owner of the property housing the University of Indiana campus, began a project to develop new housing facilities for students. This development, comprising three residential buildings with a total of 439 units and 1064 beds, represented a significant undertaking in terms of scale and complexity. Huston Technologies’ Role: Huston Tech was tasked with implementing a robust fire detection and alarm system. Their mission was to ensure the highest safety standards for the large student

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How does Mircom ensure consistent product quality?
Mircom’s end-to-end in-house manufacturing allows us to maintain strict quality control, ensuring that every product meets our high standards. Our in-house manufacturing includes automated printed circuit board assembly, metal fabrication and finished goods production on assembly lines, as well as boutique work cells where small teams collaborate on more specialized and complex systems. Our in-house agency-approved test facility allows us to ensure top quality while optimizing speed to market to effectively meet the needs of changing codes and standards in the marketplace.

Q2: Can Mircom customize products to meet specific requirements?
Absolutely! Mircom prides itself on offering complete, custom solutions tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more!

Q3: What other solutions does Mircom offer apart from Fire Detection and Alarm systems?
Mircom is a comprehensive provider of fire and life safety building solutions, including mass notification, communication, voice entry, and controlled access security solutions. View all of our solutions here.

Q4: What makes Mircom’s fire detection and alarm solutions stand out from competitors?
Our commitment to in-house development, addressable protocols, and a hands-on, family-owned approach ensures that we offer unmatched quality, reliability, and innovation in the industry.