FleX-Net Comparison Chart

Technical Performance Analysis of Networked Fire Alarm Systems

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(FleX-Net II)
(Onyx NFS2-3030)

Peer-toPeer Network Performance

All nodes are equal, no slave or master. Eliminates centralized computing for increased survivability.

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

ULC List Fire Control Units

All components are ULC listed.

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Graphic User Interface Work Station

ULC-listed PC to display network event information with active graphics screens and flashable icons.

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Multiple Network Link Capability

Multiple networks communicating at one display and control centre.

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Number of Points Per Link

318 (159 sensors, 159 modules)1 250 (125 sensors, 125 modules) 318 (159 sensors, 159 modules) 252 (sensors and modules) 250 (sensors and modules)

Number of Links Per Node

29 10 10 30 9

Number of Points Per Node

9000+ 2500 3180 2500 2000

Number of Nodes Per Network

63 64 103 64 99

Number of Points Per Network

580000+ 160,000 327,000 392,000 784,000

Network Wiring Path Distance

No limit with repeaters 160,000 feet No limit with repeaters 70,000 ft. (fiber) No limit with repeaters*

Wiring Distance Between Nodes

4000 ft. Wire, 6500 ft. Fiber 5000 ft. Wire, 8000 ft. Fiber 3000 ft. Wire, 10000 ft. Fiber 10000 ft. 10000 ft.

LCD Display

80 or 960 Characters 168 or 960 Characters 640 Characters 80 Characters 80 or 854 Characters

CAN/ULC S524 Table 1 Data Performance Requirements


1. DCLB Performance

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

2. DCLA Performance

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

3. DCLC Performance

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

CAN/ULC S524 Table 2 System Response Requirements

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Network Cable Requirements

Number of required cables between nodes.

1 2 1 2 1

Device Status Disabled

If device is disabled, system will still report status.

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Note: The above chart is provided based on historical web-based public knowledge, for specific clarification we recommend that you consult the specific service provider/manufacturer.

1: Mixing CLIP and AP devices on Mircom's FleX-Net is permitted, AP devices still work as AP devices.

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