Mircom’s Fire Alarm Product Specifications Available on MasterSpec

July 5, 2021 – The Mircom Group of Companies, a global designer, manufacturer, and distributor of life safety products and solutions, is pleased to announce that our fire alarm product data and customized specifications are now available through Product MasterSpec software application utilized by architects, engineers, and design professionals around the globe.

Mircom’s newly listed product specifications are designed to meet MasterSpec’s highly utilized and respected industry standards. The MasterSpec program allows manufacturers to license digital real estate from the MasterSpec library, which is used by many of the top architectural and engineering firms worldwide. Our MasterSpec listing will allow Mircom’s fire alarm solutions to gain broad exposure and to be specified with greater frequency thereby providing our customers with a valuable head start in the bidding and quoting process.

Access our MasterSpec Sections here [productmasterspec.com]

About Product MasterSpec

Product MasterSpec is the most widely used and recognized Master Specification System in use in commercial construction today. With over 700 sections providing detailed requirements for thousands of individual products, the A&E community relies on the extensive database of building product manufacturers for use in daily commercial projects and construction worldwide. With MasterSpec master guide specifications, specifiers spend less time researching products, improve collaboration and build better, safer, and more sustainable projects.