NEW – MIX-4010-DUCT Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially released our latest product, the MIX-4010-DUCT Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector, expanding our product portfolio to meet all your project needs.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance

  • The Duct Smoke Detector housing is designed for optimal air flow, ensuring enhanced smoke detection efficiency
  • The customizable remote test function allows for effortless testing and monitoring of the MIX-4010-DUCT performance from a remote location
  • The integrated test port allows you to conveniently conduct functional smoke testing while the transparent cover is in place

Installer-Friendly Design for Seamless Operation

  • The unique installer-friendly one-pipe design guarantees precise air flow sampling for optimal performance
  • The transparent cover allows for quick and convenient visual inspection of device status
  • The flexible mounting bracket allows for multiple mounting configurations