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Introducing North America's largest integrated flush mount touch screen telephone access system.

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Long Description

North America’s largest integrated Touch Screen Voice Entry System

Simple. Connected. Scalable.

Mircom's 22 Touch Telephone Access System is designed to provide a visually stunning and intuitive user-experience.

  • Full customizable solution for occupant and visitor access control in condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, gated communities and industrial buildings
  • 22" full color touch display provides ultra-wide viewing angles, sure to impress visitors and occupants alike
  • Runs a reliable and proven Windows-based operating system to offer the most feature rich system on the market
  • Variety of programming options available via built-in USB or Ethernet ports, to meet your specific site requirements
  • Available in flush and surface mounts as well as free standing using a kiosk stand


  • 2000 name capacity
  • TCP/IP capability to remotely program and maintain the system
  • Built-in HD web camera for video communication to the suite
  • Optional system diagnostic software for remote monitoring
  • Multi-language support; English, French, and Chinese (both traditional and simplified) are provided and a language editor allows all text to be translated into other languages
  • Integrated advertising module offsets capital costs and generates recurring revenue for the property
  • Configurable themes, screens and layouts allow customization to any decor
  • Built-in Wiegand proximity reader; 125 KHz
  • Optional high definition AXIS IP Camera
  • Provision for postal lock
  • Provision for two or single door controller [TX3-CX-2 or TX3-CX-1]
  • Integrates with TX3 InSuite device
  • Wheelchair Accessible – Lowered control keys make the keyboard easier to reach, complying ADA requirements
  • Smooth scrolling using finger swipes make scrolling through the resident directory easy and fun

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TX3-Touch-F22 Front   
TX3-Touch-F22 Front   

Frequently Asked Questions

Programming & ConfigurationDo you have any training videos for the TX3 Touch Configurator software?
Programming & ConfigurationHow do I add a new panel?
Programming & ConfigurationHow do I create a building schedule for a panel?
Programming & ConfigurationHow do I setup access levels in the Configurator?
Programming & ConfigurationHow do add, edit and delete residents?
Programming & ConfigurationHow do I setup a USB connection?
Programming & ConfigurationHow do I create an access control card?
Programming & ConfigurationHow do I create a telephone entry or access control job?
Programming & ConfigurationHow do I create a schedule?
SecurityHow to change the level 3 passcode?
Sales, Order Entry and SupportCan a client install OEM software within the TX3-TOUCH system for additional features such as video streaming for advertising?
Sales, Order Entry and SupportCan a client change the welcome text to the 8 or 4 line Telephone access?
Sales, Order Entry and SupportCan a client request a customized solution?
HardwareWhat is the power requirement for TX3-Voice Entry and Access Control panels?
Hardware3 How do I connect the door strike to a TX3 series telephone entry panel?
HardwareWhy is the display blank (backlight on) and how do I fix it?
Hardware Is the Telephone Tip and Ring Line to line connector one-to-one?
HardwareIs it important to ground the Telephone access module? And if so, then to what?
HardwareI am hearing AM radio voices coming through the telephone lines?
HardwareThe TX3-TOUCH unit is exhibiting “error 0” and is not dialing out?
HardwareWhat qualifies a solid ground point?
HardwareThe TXTOUCH 22” screen keeps going black, where no image is present on the screen with exception to the Mouse marker?
HardwareHigh Telephone line noise with missing door opening via “DTMF” issues and causing terrible audibility from the visitor to the tenant?
HardwareWhen placing a call via ADC, the line would disconnect. Sometimes it allows to dial out and other times it dials partially?
HardwareWhen placing a call, there is a high static sound on the line?
HardwareOne person in a block of users is having problems giving authorized access to open the door via DTMF?
HardwareOne person in a block of users is having problems giving authorized access to open the door via DTMF?
HardwareThe LCD screen corresponding to the 8-line Telephone access (TX3-8U) is barely visible?
HardwareThe LCD screen corresponding to the 8-line Telephone access (TX3-8U) is barely visible?
hardwareTX3-TOUCH screen has “blue screen Of Death”
HardwareWhen connected via the configurator to a TX3-8U/C unit the event viewer is indicating that I have the wrong unit registered, even though, I am sure this is not the case?
HardwareVisitor to Tenant MIC is breaking up (and very low)
HardwareNSL system is not generating a ring tone
Hardware When the tenant grants access to the visitor, the ERU relays are not changing state. The communication is only RS485 and USB?
HardwareTX3 Keypad latency issue as well as random character display?
HardwareWhy is my modem module all of a sudden is not syncing?
HardwareTXTOUCH’s boot-up sequence stops at 30% loaded?
Programming & ConfigurationWhen call-connected to the tenant, Call authorization opens the door 80% only of the time?
Programming & ConfigurationDuring the installation process of the TX3 Configurator I have compatibility issues and errors with Windows 7.
Programming & ConfigurationWhat is the default password to log into the configurator software?
Programming & ConfigurationI forgot my level 3 passcode for programming. What should I do?
Programming & ConfigurationWhat is the default passcode (Level 3) to get into the programming?
User FunctionsMain door does not open when pressing 9?
User FunctionsCan the Telephone access system convert its text and voice messaging to French and Spanish?
User FunctionsCan the TX3-TOUCH easily become VoIP with visitor-to-Tenant Video Streaming for added security assurance?
User FunctionsCan you update and/or change the configuration or tenant records remotely?
User FunctionsCan you install your own screen saver on the TX3-TOUCH?
User FunctionsCan you separate tenant’s records in groups for the TX3-TOUCH?
User FunctionsCan you configure an email response preset for visitor-to-tenant communication?
User Functions I am IP connected to the TX3-TOUCH and yet I cannot gain access to the TX3-TOUCH unit via the configurator?
User FunctionsI RS485 connected to the TX3-TOUCH via another Access Control panel and “sent” the full configuration to the TXTOUCH. The TX3-TOUCH system did not update its tenant’s list?
User FunctionsTXTOUCH is stuck at 100%?

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