QX-Mini with MGC Protocol

Mircom is happy to announce that we have officially released enhancements to our QX-Mini.

The QX-Mini has been enhanced to support FX-400 and FX-4000 series FACPs that are compatible with MGC protocol devices. Both firmware and manuals have been updated to reflect these enhancements. Notably, significant bugs related to battery/charger issues have been rectified in the configurator.

Furthermore, our latest version, boasts enhanced communication stability between QX-Mini and improved compatibility with QX-2X8.

  • Firmware version: SO-308 V 2.4.1
  • Software version: SO-311 V 2.4.1
  • Minimum hardware requirement: MD-1078 Rev. I

Part Number:



Master Panel: Microphone, Main Display, Main Board, 1 x 30W Amplifier, Deadfront, Red Door, Backbox, Back Plate, Transformer

Product Information

Click here to access the webpages where you can find the data sheets and the Installation Manuals.

  • QX-Mini – QX-Mini Master Panel Red Door

We thank you for your continued support.

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