TX3 Touch 15″ Weather Resistant – Model Number Update

This bulletin is to inform you that there has been a part number update to the following TX3 Touch Series Voice Entry systems.

Previous Model NumberNew Model NumberDescription
TX3-TOUCH-S15B-WRTX3-TOUCH-S15B-WR-A15″ TX3 Touch Panel, outdoor, surface mount, black color (Weather Resistant)
TX3-TOUCH-S15S-WRTX3-TOUCH-S15S-WR-A15″ TX3 Touch Panel, outdoor, surface mount, silver color (Weather Resistant)

The enhancements on this new panel (-A suffix) model includes the following:

  • A new computer board comes with mSATA SSD memory which is faster and more reliable as compared to previous BT05 computer board with CFAST flash memory
  • The Operating System (OS) is Windows 10 IoT
  • A TX3 Touch UPS Kit is no longer required and will not be included with these TX3 Touch Panels

We ask that you reference the new model number immediately.

These new part numbers are now available for ordering. The list price for the new model number remains the same as the previous model number.

Please refer to the Manual: LT-996 for installation instructions and more details.

We thank you for your continued support.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us directly at: [email protected]