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Why Choose Mircom?

Turning a small business into a big one is not easy. As a business owner, you want to make a mark in your industry, provide a great offering of innovative products and services, maintain sustained growth, and of course, exceed your customers’ expectations with everything you do.

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Access to Industry Leading Technology

From small multi-unit residential apartments, to commercial office towers or institutional facilities, Mircom offers a wide range of Intelligent Building Solutions to meet any requirement.

Being in close proximity to a Mircom ES location will allow you to always be in the know about new product launches and updates and will give you a chance to provide your feedback on anything that you feel would benefit the marketplace.


Mircom solutions meet global codes and standards:

  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • Factory Mutual (FM)
  • MEA
  • CSA
  • City of Chicago Certification
  • Industry Canada
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Contact Mircom to find out how our certified products and solutions can help your business grow.

Business and Technical Support

Engineered Systems Distributor

Mircom ES locations support "parts and smarts" – the labour component of using our services and technical staff.

Our technicians do verification and programming, and additionally, provide in-house technical support for our ESDs in the market if they have issues or require some assistance with something more technical than they are currently able to do.

We are able to locally support ESDs both in the field and/or via phone calls without them having to contact our HQ.

Contact Mircom to find out what services we offer at your local branch.

Customer Service

Easy to Install Products

Mircom ES and ESD branches share the common goal of bringing the right products to customers and exceeding their expectations in everything we do.

We know that our ESDs have fantastic customer service; however, we are here to help if any problems should arise.

For instance, if a customer or an end user calls a Mircom ES office and says they need support and are not getting it from our ESD correctly, we will support the customer until the situation is rectified. This builds our strength locally and is beneficial for both Mircom and our ESDs.

Contact Mircom to find out how we can train your team.

Industry Leading Sales & Service Support

Easy to Install Products

Mircom ES locations provide sales and service support, including:

  • Project consultation
  • Equipment design and supply
  • Troubleshooting
  • CAD project drawings and documentation

We also offer 24/7 emergency support for your peace of mind.

Contact Mircom to find out how we can train your team.

Emergency Local Stock

Easy to Install Products

Mircom ES locations feature small warehouses, where emergency local stock is held.

This includes regularly used products that we can sell on direct projects as well as support our ESDs when they need 15-20 items quickly without having to ship from the Corporate Headquarters overnight.

We also keep replacement boards and a sampling of panels on hand, from an emergency standpoint. This is a vital asset to all of our ESD offices and customers.

Contact Mircom to find out how you can make use of our Mircom ES locations.

Specialized Training & Training Rooms

Easy to Install Products

As a valued partner you get access to both online and in-class training to better help you sell, install and service Mircom solutions. Having a Mircom ES location close by is invaluable because members of our team are happy to come out and give ESDs a hand. Whether it’s helping out with programming or going out with your technician to resolve something they don’t understand that’s occurring with a piece of equipment, we can support you locally in this respect.

Mircom ES branches have full training environments where we can certify and train customers via ESDs, technicians, or both on our higher-end products like FleX-Net. Because we have these training facilities and strong trainers, we are able to offer additional features and functions with that training.

Remember: You can quickly add Mircom products to your quotes. Use our online quoting tool or our electronic price books to quickly import product data into your existing quotation systems.

Contact Mircom to find out how we can train your team.