MIX-M500-RAP/(A)AP relay devices

Loop powering up trouble caused by revision change of MIX-M500RAP(A) Relay modules when used in the AP protocol.

When powering up a loop that has a MIX-M500RAP(A) relay with date code TBD, it will cause the panel to go into a loop initialization fault. This issue is due to a design change, which deviates from published specifications made by System Sensor that is causing an adverse effect (bad checksum) fault the panels listed below.

Affected panels:

FX-2000N ‘FleXNet’12.2.30 (or lower)
FX-4000N ‘FleXNet MP’1.11.X (or lower)


Change the affected relay device listed above to the CLIP protocol or upgrade the Firmware of the panels to the following.

FX-2000N ‘FleXNet’12.2.40 (or higher)
FX-4000N ‘FleXNet MP’1.12.0 (or higher)
FX-35003.0.17 (or higher)
FX-33183.0.17 (or higher)


Use the following steps to gather the data necessary to quickly identify if any of the MIXM500RAP(A) on your system are causing the issues listed above.

  1. Use the following link to download Tera Term:
  2. With Tera Term enable run a AP parameter report. See the link below for How to do this:
  3. Once the report is captured, send the report and a description of the trouble to the Mircom Applications email: [email protected]

Mircom strives to offer the highest quality products and services, on occasion an issue may require field action, and we regret when these issues arise. As part of our commitment to quality, we incorporate any findings into a continuous improvement process to better serve our customers in the future. As part of our support offering, please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or assistance you may require. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Technical Support Department at [email protected]