Mircom is proud to announce the release of our new MIX-4000 Multi-Modules. Designed to meet the growing demand for compact and space-efficient solutions, these state-of-the-art modules are set to transform the way you manage your installations.

Compact & Space-Efficient

We understand the importance of optimizing space in your installations. Our new Multi-Modules have been precisely engineered to be significantly smaller than other competitive models in the market, ensuring efficient utilization of your valuable space.

Easy Installation

Our Multi-Modules come with flexible mounting options that make installation a breeze. Using DIN Rails, you can easily install our modules without the need for additional tools or excessive labor effort, resulting in easy installation and time savings.

Compatibility & Freedom of Choice

We offer 2 and 6 module backbox enclosures for installation as well as an optional mounting bracket kit that gives you the freedom to choose an equivalent UL/ULC listed backbox enclosure that best suits your specific requirements, providing a seamless integration experience.

Expandability Made Easy

We understand that your systems may need to grow and expand over time. That’s why both our Input and Relay Multi-Modules support sub-addressing, enabling simple programming and hassle-free system expansion.

mutli-module models


  • Supports either 6 Class A or 12 Class B inputs

  • Monitor 12 independent input circuits using only one module address

  • No EOL resistor required when input is in Class A operation


  • Provides 8 form C (SPDT) contacts rated at 2A @ 30VDC or 0.5 @ 125 VAC

  • Each contact can be individually controlled by the FACU

  • All 8 form C contacts use only one module address through sub-addressing technique

  • Group Activation capability for fast reaction time


  • Provides 8 isolator sections which are electrically isolated from each other

  • Allows the SLC loop to continue operating when a short circuit occurs on one section of the loop

  • Self-restoring capability on each section once a short circuit is removed