Mircom is happy to announce the release of our upgraded Configurator Software: OpenBAS System Design Studio 1.3.3.

Mircom is releasing upgraded Configurator software.
The new version number follows –

System Design StudioAll OpenBAS NX controllers, OpenBAS-HV-LEARN and OpenBAS-NWK-ETH31.3.3


Mircom is releasing upgraded firmware.
The new version number follows –

All OpenBAS NX controllers, OpenBAS-HV-LEARN and OpenBAS-NWK-ETH33.16.3

Note: Please read this entire document before upgrading systems to ensure all compatibility issues are addressed and to ensure correct upgrade procedures are followed.

New Features

  • Maximize your work efficiency with our new persistent point name grouping feature.

Bug Fixes

  • (SDS 1.3.3 / Firmware V3.16.3) Fixed issue in PropCtrl (Proportional Control) instruction where it would calculate the wrong output value specifically when the output object type was configured as a result float (RES_FLT). This issue affected firmware versions 3.14.2 – 3.16.2 released with SDS 1.3.0-1.3.2.
  • (SDS 1.3.2 / Firmware V3.16.1) Fixed inability to connect to and configure controllers when tunneling over BACnet/MSTP.

Persistent Point Name Grouping

Users can now save up to 5 groups of point names, and quickly switch between them. After selecting a group, the existing Pin feature can be used to bring all selected points to the top of the Names table. All five point name groups will be remembered based on the controller’s serial number, so you can quickly pick up where you left off, hours, days, or even months later.

To create a group, first select from Group 1 through Group 5 using the Group [x] dropdown. Then use the instant search box to find each point and select it. When ready to save your group, click the Update group button. If needed, clear the instant search box and then click the Pin button to watch all selected points come right to the top!

Compatibility Chart
The table below shows the System Design Studio compatibility with OpenBAS hardware.

1.3.3All “NX” controllers (OpenBAS-xx-NXxxxx), OpenBAS-HV-LEARN, OpenBAS-NWK-ETH33.15.5+3.16.3+
1.3.2All “NX” controllers (OpenBAS-xx-NXxxxx), OpenBAS-HV-LEARN, OpenBAS-NWK-ETH33.15.5+3.16.1+
1.3.1All “NX” controllers (OpenBAS-xx-NXxxxx), OpenBAS-HV-LEARN, OpenBAS-NWK-ETH33.15.5+3.15.5+
1.3.0All “NX” controllers (OpenBAS-xx-NXxxxx), OpenBAS-HV-LEARN, OpenBAS-NWK-ETH33.15.1+3.15.1+
1.2.1All “NX” controllers (OpenBAS-xx-NXxxxx), OpenBAS-HV-LEARN3.04.0+3.09.4+
1.2.0All “NX” controllers (OpenBAS-xx-NXxxxx), OpenBAS-HV-LEARN3.04.0+3.09.0+
1.1.0All “NX” controllers (OpenBAS-xx-NXxxxx), OpenBAS-HV-LEARN3.04.0+3.04.0+
1.0.2All “NX” controllers (OpenBAS-xx-NXxxxx), OpenBAS-HV-LEARN3.04.0+3.04.0+
1.0.1All “NX” controllers (OpenBAS-xx-NXxxxx), OpenBAS-HV-LEARN3.04.0+3.04.0+
1.0.0All “NX” controllers (OpenBAS-xx-NXxxxx), OpenBAS-HV-LEARN3.0.0+3.0.0+

While the new firmware is being released on the web site, shipped products may continue to have the existing firmware (See LT-6630 – Driver installation and Firmware Upgrade Procedures) , as the existing stock is depleted. Installers are encouraged to update new installations but are free to keep existing systems running at a previous version if they are simply replacing defective parts. Mircom strives to offer the highest quality products and services. On occasion, an issue may require field action and we regret when these issues arise. As part of our commitment to quality, we incorporate any findings into a continuous improvement process to better serve our customers in the future. As part of our support offering, please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or assistance you may require. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit the Mircom Technical Support Forum at or contact the Technical Support Department directly.

Did You Know?

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us directly at: [email protected]


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