Emergency phones without dial-pad like the TX3-EMER-200KS.


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Experience emergency calling at your fingertips with our emergency phones. They have universal support, flexible communication and durable designs.

Universal Support

  • Programmable correlations of inputs and outputs allows for integration with CCTV, strobes and other devices
  • Illuminated LED display and button for the hearing impaired
  • Braille labeled configurable “Call” and “Emergency” button for the visually impaired

Flexible Communication

  • 200 Extensions Storage with TX3-EMER-200KS (2 extensions storage with TX3-EMER-1S)
  • Connect directly to Concierge or Security Desk or Guard Phone
  • Analog or PBX or VoIP for wider networking compatibility

Durable Design

  • Stainless steel construction with weather hood for vandal-resistant and outdoor application
  • Flexible mounting options – surface or flush or pole
  • Bold and clear visual design for immediate recognition

Network Integration

  • TX3 Platform allows for standalone or network-wide connections and scalability
  • Convenient Programming – locally using keyboard or remotely