TX3 MiEntry SO-314 IOS Build V2.0.5(6)

Mircom is releasing iOS MiEntry application with bug fixes and performance improvements.

Application Software Version
iOS MiEntryVersion 2.0.5(6)

This version supports the following products firmware versions:

Product Firmware Version
TX3 TouchVersion 2.13.11 or higher
TX3 NanoVersion 1.1-9 or higher
iOSFirmware iOS 15 or higher

* To Maximize its performance, this application requires a stable network connection.

Changes and Enhancements:

  • Enhanced Call Stability: Upgraded the software development kit to the latest Version. This improvement ensures a more stable calling experience, providing users with a smoother and reliable communication experience.
  • Improved Call Performance: Users can now receive calls even when the application is running in the foreground, background or when the application is closed. This enhancement ensures communication remains seamless, allowing users to stay connected effortlessly.
  • UI Improvements and Bug Fixes: Various minor user interface (UI) issues and bugs have been addressed in this update. These changes enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the application, providing users with an improved and more user-friendly interface.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us directly at: [email protected]


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