The SRM-312R provides twelve Form C configurable relay circuits, rated @ 28 VDC, 1 amp(resistive).


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Each circuit can be configured as a Normally Open (N.O.) or Normally Closed (N.C.) contact. Each relay is equipped with an LED that is lit when the relay is energized. The relays can be configured as relay per zone (1 to 1), Common on Alarm, Common on Supervisory or programmable for a logical or adjacent zone configuration.

An adjacent zone configuration will turn on an adjacent zone when the configured zone is active. A chaining configuration allows for multiple relays to turn on. The SRM-312R is DIP switch configurable and connects to the RS-485 bus. The SRM-312R come complete with a red enclosure and a CAT-30 lock and key.

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Smart Relay Module


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