FleX-Net FX-4000N Series Components

FleX-Net FX-4000N  is a ‘next generation’ modular network system that is designed for the most demanding fire protection and emergency communications applications. FleX-Net Fx-4000 introduces an impressive new range of system configurations, including a wide array of cabinets and sizes for control and annunciation requirements.

FleX-Net FX-4000N’s modular design provides almost limitless freedom to configure local, group and global control and annunciation where it is needed – including the ability to configure up to 7 LCD display/control chassis in a single node.


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Mircom’s FleX-Net FX-4000N Series is a powerful intelligent networkable fire alarm solution designed with many levels of flexibility to meet virtually any application of detection, control, notification and emergency communications. Features such as fire detection & alarm, audio/voice evacuation, BACnet, Boolean logic, networking and graphical work stations allow this modular solution to accommodate the simplest systems up to the most complex solutions. With multiple intelligent protocols (MIX-4000 Devices, Advanced Protocol (AP) and Classic Loop Interface Protocol (CLIP)), Fire/CO detection and 520 Hz support on both the addressable loop and through the audio/voice evacuation, Mircom’s FleX-Net FX-4000N Series is poised to take you even farther into the future with expanded capabilities.


The QAA Series amplifiers have been listed as compatible for 520Hz low frequency operation with select System Sensor and Gentex speakers and speaker/strobes. For the complete list of compatible speakers for use with the QAA Series amplifiers, please refer to the attached LT-1023 Device Compatibility Guide.